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Web Design Company in Nigeria

Kleva Designs is one of the best web design companies in Nigeria. We design sites that are mobile-responsive and secure. Enjoy unlimited revisions, fast turnaround & 1-year free support.

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About Kleva Designs

Imagine if you could go to one place for all your website designs and development needs.

A place that would save you time, money and frustration. A partner who would understand your needs, provide complete creative control when you wanted it, and give you complete peace of mind. At our web design company, we deliver all that and more!




Kleva Designs Can Design Every Type of Website

Do you want a simple personal website or a full-featured educational website? Kleva Designs can create it for you. We build websites that fuel success for our clients. 

Landing Pages

Custom Websites

Religious Websites


eCommerce Websites

Business Websites


The Characteristics of Every Website We Design

When you partner with Kleva Designs on your new website design or redesign, we will design your website from the ground up using the latest techniques in website design.

SEO Friendly

Our web designers know SEO. We use the best techniques and resources to ensure that your website ranks well on search engines.

Mobile Friendly

Every website we design is built to be mobile responsive, so it looks great on smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Highly Secure

Your website is hosted on a secure web host with military-grade protection from all types of cyberattacks, hacking, malware, and more.

Blazing Page Speed

Our sites are designed with a speed-optimized template, lean code, and are audited for speed with online tools (such as Google Page Speed).

Modern Appearance

Our websites are designed to be modern and change the way your customers view your company. They are simple and eye-catching.

Social Friendly

From social share buttons to social media stream from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages, we’ve got you covered.


Every website we design remains lightweight in its core. It serves the intended purpose with no cumbersome scripts or design elements.

Cross-browser Compatible

Every design that we create is cross-browser compatible, so its functionality and usability are not limited to one specific browser.

Modern Typography

From headlines and titles to subheadings and paragraphs, we use modern typography that is clean, simple and easy to read.

Easy Navigation

Each of our sites is designed to be easy to use and navigate. Some are specifically set up with tours or paths for new visitors.

Well-Formatted Content

We professionalize your site with well-thought-out layouts and well-formatted content that is easy to read and navigate.

Visual Consistency

Every website we design has a distinctive look that makes it easy for our clients to recognize their brand.


Web Design Elements You’ll Get When You Hire Kleva Designs


Speed Optimization

Our websites are designed for speed so you can focus on the content that matters. Here are what we’ll implement…



Lazy Loading

Advanced Caching

Browser Caching

Image Compression

GZIP Compression

CSS & HTML Minification

Javascript Minification

Media Offload

Render Blocking JS


Advanced On-Page SEO

We employ the latest technology available to build you a website that’s optimized for search engine indexing.

XML Sitemap

Schema Markup

Meta Titles

Meta Descriptions

Knowledge Graph Tags

OpenGraph Tags

Image SEO

Search Engines Ping

Auto Canonical URLs


RSS Optimization


High-Grade Security

We employ numerous security measures to protect your site from harmful attacks. Here are some of our security measures…

SSL Certificate

Real-Time IP Blacklist

Firewall Protection

Country Blocking

Comment Spam Blocking

Google ReCaptcha

Daily Auto Backup

Cross-Site Scripting Protection

Brute Force Attack Prevention

File Change Protection System

Hotlink Protection

Brand Match

We match our designs to your brand.

We see every website we design as an opportunity to build your brand. It represents your business, and in a very real sense, it is your business. By offering great value, consistent messaging, and the customer experience you expect, we can help you bring new customers online for the first time and reconnect with old ones.

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We optimize our designs for conversion.

Conversion-focused design is the main focus of our web design process. We don’t just design pretty websites, we optimize our designs for usability, customer experience, and conversion.

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Data is what drives our decisions

We collect all customers’ feedback that’s available from our clients and use it to drive our design decisions.

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We ensure no barrier exist to people’s access to your website

Our accessible website design solutions will improve accessibility for people with disabilities, including blindness, low vision, deafness, dexterity or mobility impairments. We will also ensure compliance with the WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

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A Highly-Streamlined and Organized Process

At Kleva Designs, we have created a highly-organized web design process. Most of the work is done ahead of time so that there is no waiting during the design process, implementation process or post-design support process. 


Initial Discussion

Contact us on WhatsApp to discuss your web design project.



We’ll send you a proposal based on the type of site you want.


Agreement Signing

We’ll both legally commit to what’s expected of us.



Give us the green light to start by making payment as agreed.


Project Management

Track progress using our in-house project management system



We produce the highest quality design we are capable of.



We deliver the final product on time for you to review.



Send us revisions you want and we’ll gladly make them.

Imagine How a Well-Designed Website Can Impact Your Business

Make it easy for potential customers to find you on Google and other search engines.

Reach your potential customers and create a more competitive advantage.

Create a better online image for your company and win more customers.

Look professional and attract the attention of important partners like venture capitalists and investors.

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Web Design Company vs Freelancer vs DIY

Ongoing Support

Once your new website is complete, web design companies will provide maintenance and ongoing support.

Extensive Knowledge

Agencies know web development inside out and understand how search engines work, helping you create an SEO-friendly site.

Vast Resources

From SEO to hosting, to cost-effective maintenance packages, most web design companies will have you covered.

Quicker Turnaround

With a host of services and the latest technology, web design companies offer quicker turnaround than freelancers.

Limited Skillset

Few freelancers have the artistic and technical skills required to make your site look truly professional.

High Risk

A single person freelancing your project means only one point of failure. If they get sick or encounter an emergency, your project stops.

Limited Resources

Freelancers have limited tools, time, and sometimes expertise to work on your projects, especially large web design projects.

Longer Turnaround

With freelancers, the turnaround times are generally longer than what you expect. A 4-week job can turn into a 4-month job.

Limited Knowledge

The result is a poorly optimized website that doesn’t rank well in search engines, lacks consistency and professionalism as well as having poor user experience (UX).

Limited Tools

There are many variables in web design today that require different software to accomplish. Without these tools, it will be very hard for you to create a decent website.

Takes Time

It takes time and dedication to learn the ins and outs of web design and development. The learning curve is steep, especially if you’re a beginner.

Zero Support

With web design companies, you have the option of professional support for any issues or problems you experience. This is not the case with a DIY approach.

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Web Design Pricing

We offer affordable web design packages

Our web design packages range from economical to extensive and have been developed to provide you with a clear idea of what level of service you will receive. We feel that it is important to offer our customers a range of options rather than one size fits all. This gives you the freedom to decide on the right package for your individual needs. 

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Why Choose Kleva Designs as Your Web Design Company in Nigeria?

Premium Designs

We design websites that reflect your professionalism and creativity using the latest web design software & techniques.

We Know SEO

Our knowledge of SEO is extensive. We know exactly what it takes to make your website rank high on search engines.

Free Content

We get your website to stand out from the competition by creating content that resonates with your audience.

Quick Turnaround

Your time is valuable. That is why we offer professional web design services with quick turnaround guaranteed.

Unlimited Revisions

We stand behind our website designs by providing 1 year of maintenance and offer unlimited revisions on all of our packages.

Smooth Ordering

We’ve designed our ordering process with ease-of-use in mind. From picking a plan to signing up as a user, it’s all hassle-free.

Free Support

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident throughout our service. We provide free 12-month support with every project.

Pay Via Escrow

Escrow is simply a deposit or payment held by a third party on behalf of two transacting parties. It provides security for both of us.

Straightforward Pricing

We believe you deserve to know what you are paying for and will never surprise you with hidden fees or sneaky prices.

Money-back Guarantee

We give you the security of knowing that if you are not 100% satisfied you will receive all of your investment back.

Affordable Prices

Kleva Designs builds high-quality, custom-designed websites for a fraction of the price that other companies charge.

Highly Organized

Our focus on project management means you can rest assured we won’t lose sight of your objectives and delivering on time.

Money-Back Guarantee

It’s either you are 100% satisfied or your money back!

If you’re not satisfied with our web design service for any reason, we’ll return every penny of your money. Not many web design agencies can say that!

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Cheerful web design client

Rest easy with our FREE technical support

We offer free 12-month technical support covering maintenance, updates and any changes necessary to your website. 

Uptime Monitoring
Days Free Support
Response Time

Why now is the perfect time to setup a website

Ranking takes time

SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes time to improve your ranking in search results.

Customers' expectation

Customers expect reputable businesses and organizations to own a website.

Rising cost

Web design costs will continue to rise, and we want to help you avoid higher costs later.

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Excited small business owner

Request for a FREE Proposal to Get Started (See What’s Included)

Video Presentation

See exactly what you’ll get, how your website will look, and how all the design elements work.

Deliverables Mind Map

Get a bird’s eye view and gain clarity with our succinct and straight-to-the-point deliverables map.

Three Price Points

Get three web design pricing packages to choose based on the number of deliverables or lack thereof.

Turnaround Time

Get to know the estimated length of time your web design project will take to complete.

Lets’ get you started on your journey to

fame & fortune

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The short answer is: it depends. There are so many variables that go into the cost of a website, from the number of pages and features the site will have to the number of years you want to host it. 

Web design is a one-time cost. The only recurring cost is for your website hosting service and domain name renewal. You need to renew both annually to keep your website online.

We only accept escrow payments for our web design and related services. Escrow is a third-party secure payment platform, where you (the client) will deposit your payment. The escrow service will hold the money in escrow until the site has been delivered and quality has been examined and confirmed by both parties in order to avoid the occurrence of any dispute between us.

Yes, you will have the ability to update your website information yourself. We have put together a series of resources to help you get used to the tools and how they work and to help you update your website yourself.

Yes, our managed services help to ensure that your website is up-to-date, secure, accessible and optimized to work with the latest technologies. We also use content management systems (CMS) to facilitate ongoing maintenance of your web page. 

Absolutely. Our designers are here to make your ideas come alive. We offer many free design alterations and revisions as well as some packages that allow even greater input into the process.

We do. We purchase stock images and graphics from Shutterstock.

The website content is written by our in-house professional copywriters. Our copywriters work with you to create clear, well-written content that grabs your visitor’s attention and keeps them coming back for more. In the past, we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in various industries, so we know how to write for a variety of websites. Our team also understands SEO best practices and can incorporate any necessary changes into your website so that it makes sense to search engines. 

You can have as many pages as you want. We have customers that have hundreds of pages on their website. However, we also have customers with only one page. The number of pages is limited by your budget and needs.

Yes, we can install Google Analytics on your site if needed. Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools to track user behaviour and identify ways to improve conversion and retention rates for your website. It is available free of charge.

Kleva Designs is a remote web design company in Nigeria, meaning we can work from anywhere and cover the whole Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are mainly based in Lagos but have workers who work from Uyo, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Asaba, Ogun, and Enugu. Our HQ was once located close to the National Stadium.

Our work has taken us to several places in Nigeria including Abia, Kwara, and Oyo. And we have had clients from far-flung northern states such as from Kano, Katsina, and Gombe.

During our visits to several places in Nigeria to meet with clients, we have been fortunate to hang out in great places such as the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Moshood Abiola National Stadium, and National Christian Centre.

Beyond Nigeria, we have consulted for people in the African Union and the West Africa sub-region.

It is rare for clients not to like our design or content. But if you do, please contact us and we will be happy to make any changes to ensure you are 100% satisfied. 

We allow unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

Yes, you will have full control of the completed website, including the ability to modify any part that you wish. After the project is complete, we will provide you with access to your own admin area where you can make any desired changes. 

Kleva Designs is happy to provide you with an easy-to-understand guide for the administration of your website or answer any questions in regards to how to use the different aspects of your website.

Whether your site is selling a product or service, delivering content or building a community, our web design team will make sure your website is easy to use and works across all devices.

Our technical support includes software updates, bug fixes, and troubleshooting website issues.

It really depends on the size and complexity of the site, but generally, most custom web design projects can be completed within 4 to 12 weeks. 

For a successful website design project, it’s important that we communicate regularly, so we will share project details using our in-house project management system. This is a simple way to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and we can share files online easily. 

Please provide us with as much information about your project as possible so that we can offer you the best possible service. The information we will need include: 

*Brief overview of what your website will be used for.

* Purpose of the website (e.g. business, portfolio, brochure etc.) 

* Contact details. 

* Target audience of the site.

* Web hosting platform that you are currently using.

Sure. We make it easy to move your website from us to another web design agency.