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Top-of-the-Class Website We Designed for a Logistics Company

THE CHALLENGE: To design a matured website that looks professional, modern, and corporate. And to integrate a function that automatically calculates price when pickup and delivery addresses are entered.

WHAT WE DID: We embarked on a research to see how some international websites in the industry looked – what they did well and what they didn’t do well. So we can do something better.

We took notes, generated ideas of our own, and finally arrived at a layout that captured the essence of the vision we had in mid for the website.

Knowing that images add beauty and class to websites, we painstakingly researched and purchase royalty-free images and tested every single one of them until we were satisfied with the final output.

We took the content provided to us by the client and improved upon it then acquired and worked a script that made automatic price calculation possible.

THE RESULT: An outstanding website that is head and shoulders above its peers in the country and beyond.

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Top-of-the-Class Website We
Designed for a Logistics Company


The Zone Logistics Services website immediately conveys maturity and class, creates trust, and projects excellence. We have received glowing testimonials whenever people see the website. You should take a look at it yourself to see things for yourself.


Sophisticated Blog We Designed for a Nigerian Blogger

THE CHALLENGE: To redesign a blog that looked ordinary and pedestrian and make it appealing to its C-Suite readers and others alike.

WHAT WE DID: We divided the blog into four frames using the AIDA framework – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action… in that order.

We wanted visitors to the website to immediately know what the website was all about.

We intentionally did this so that it can pass the 5-seconds test.

Our copywriting team went to work to craft what we called irresistible offers and made sure they were the first thing people see on landing on the home page.

Then we carefully chose a template that was corporate, sophisticated, professional and with modern typography.

Since the site came with many post formats and categories, we decided to provide contrasts by using advanced custom content mechanism to display them.

This added to the “intentional complexity” of the site in order to make it appear rich and sophisticated.

We implemented advanced features such as related post suggestion, ajax search, Tweeter feed, gallery slider, automatic author bio boxes, and many more.

THE RESULT: An impressive blog that’s the talk of the town and generated several top-shot referrals for us in a very short amount of time.

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Sophisticated Blog We Designed for a Nigerian Blogger


The Ifeoma Chigbogwu Blog is an example of what a modern blog should look like while appearing uncomplicated, simple to navigate, and readable.


Website We Designed for an International Chinese Company

THE CHALLENGE: To build a website for a multi-million dollar Chinese company projecting that shows its international class.

WHAT WE DID: We carefully scripted a website whose aesthetics and architecture will project international class.

That’s why we settled on a premium image of a mega city to capture the sense of a world and a powerful colour blend to exude strength and boldness.

The image was a permanent fix in all the pages so that no matter what page a visitor enters the site from, it will immediately communicate its world-class company status.

We integrated a language translation feature to cater to the language needs and deliver great user experience to users accessing the website from different countries of the world.

That’s not all. We also created wrote the content for the pages of the website based on discussions with our client.

THE RESULT: "You did an amazing job!" was the response we got.

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Website We
Designed for an International Chinese Company


ZPPC Group’s website clearly stands out among similar websites in the same industry. And it positions the company as one that is committed to excellence.


Website We Designed for a Bulk SMS Company

THE CHALLENGE: To design a website that was far better and more modern than all the bulk SMS websites in Nigeria.

WHAT WE DID: We reviewed all the bulk SMS websites in Nigeria and we were very disappointed at what we saw. We discovered that all of them were cluttered, made use of free images they got from Goggle, and one page was used for so many things.

So, we put our design principles to play. We chose a colour scheme that fitted a technology company, bought beautiful premium images, simplified the design, used the images to break monotony and provided enough negative space to make the texts breathe.

THE RESULT: Till today, 5star SMS client’s still comment that it is the best in the industry. They don’t think twice before patronizing them.

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Website We Designed for a Bulk SMS Company


The purpose of 5star SMS redesign was to stand out in the industry and it did just that. No wonder the company hasn’t changed the design for years! Why change what works?

Case Study #3 - BBBAGRO.COM

Website We Designed for an Agric Firm

THE CHALLENGE:To build a website that endears the brand to people and inspire trust and respect because the company was launching a product to attract investors.

WHAT WE DID: We tweaked the brand’s green colour scheme a bit to make it more appealing, then employed premium images to communicate nature, maturity, and friendship.

Using our conversion-driven design principles, we were able to come up with something simple, world-class, uncluttered, and functional. And thankfully, they allowed us create the content for the website – so we put our powerful copywriting team to work for them.

THE RESULT: The company was able to attract multi-million naira investment and we got unsolicited referrals from them.

See the Website
Website We Designed for an Agric Firm


We designed a website for BBB Agro that was appealing, attractive, and inspired trust from investors and end users.


You will get the same premium design we give to all websites we design with premium images and professional layout.

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  • 7 Pages
  • Photo Gallery
  • 5 Custom Forms
  • Content Creation
  • On-Site SEO

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