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What We Mean by Free Technical Support

One of the features we promise in our web design package is free technical support. In this post, we explain what we by free support.

An After-Sales Service

Consider our free support as our after-sales service. 

After designing and delivering your website, issues may come up that will make your website to not function properly – this is normal in any technology environment.

Issues like page not found (error 404), internal server error, links not working well, site not displaying well, bug issues not caught during coding, security issues, and so on.

This is where we will come in to help you fix them.

The free support also covers minor content updates, for example, changing phone numbers, correcting errors in a previously published content, and so on.

Some Support Might Cost Money

Please note that there are some issues that will cost you money. These are issues that were not covered in the scope of work. For example, if you want to attach a Q&A forum to your site, that’s a new work entirely.

Another example: after we helped you to build an eCommerce website and you need us to assist you in uploading over 100 products when uploading products were not of the deliverables, we will charge you for this.

What Our Free Support Does Not Cover

Just as important as stating what our free support covers is stating what it does NOT cover.

  • It does NOT cover us creating additional contents for you
  • It does NOT cover us creating additional pages other than what we agreed on
  • It does NOT cover us editing your content
  • It does NOT cover the renewal of your domain name and hosting

If you need any of the above, then subscribe to our website management and maintenance service.