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Our Values Statement

Our design must pass what we call the “Wow Test”. That is, when people see the website we design, they must exclaim, “Wow!” If not, then our work isn’t complete yet.

Because we believe anything worth doing at all is worth doing excellently well, we ensure we do everything well, even the so-called little things.

This also means that we will go for quality each and every single time… no matter what it will cost us in time and money, as the good name and goodwill we will get as a result is priceless.

We are not just in this because of the profits we will derive, we design great websites because we believe in beauty and that beauty can uplift people’s mood and inspire trust and respect. Hence, our motto: beauty everywhere.

We believe in the principle of fair pricing. So, we will not charge you more than we will be willing to pay if we were offered the same service.

Lastly, we believe in genuinely helping people. We realize our success is tied to other people’s success. This is the reason for our being.

Indeed, Kleva Designs was established to help people who can’t afford the “quality but expensive” web design services out there. We believe quality and affordability is possible and that we can offer both.

Please help us live up to these noble values. Thank you and God bless.