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27 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kleva Designs

If you’re looking to hire a web designer for your next website project and you’re undecided on which one to pitch your tent with, we’ve made things easy for you by giving you reasons to make your decision easier, clearer, and faster.

Here are 27 compelling reasons to choose Kleva Designs as your website designer…

1. Free Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your chosen website address e.g. Registering it costs N5,000  for .com domains, but you will get it for free!

2. Free Unlimited Website Hosting

Hosting is similar to buying land if you want to build a house. That’s what your website will be built on. While other website designers are offering a paltry 1GB – 5GB hosting space which will slow down your website, we offer UNLIMITED hosting for free (for one year).

Yes, you read that right, UNLIMITED HOSTING SPACE! And just like the domain name registration, it’s free too!

3. Unlimited Custom Emails

Having your own website comes with many perks – one of them is that you get to have your own custom email based on your website domain e.g. [email protected].

This gives you credibility and makes people trust you. The hosting account will come with this freebie. And yes, it’s unlimited, too! Open as many as you want for yourself and for your staff.

4. Full Access to Your Website Hosting Details

We need to call this out without minding if the culprits will hate us for it. You see, there are some website designers and web design companies who will not grant you access to your hosting details.

Hosting details is like a deed to your land. Heck, you should be in possession of it. But they hold on to it so that they can milk you dry of your money.

Not us! We will hand over every single account we open in your name to you. So that in case you decide your kid brother who is now a full-fledged programmer should be the one handling your website, there will be no issues. Just hand over the keys of the kingdom to him in form of the hosting details.

5. All-Round Security 24/7

You don’t really have a website if it’s open for attack. Because at any given time, hackers can take control of it and lock you out.

We implement online security best practices to ensure that you’re well protected.

6. Daily Backups for 365 Days

Even with the best security defences, bad things can still happen to your website. After all, even the FBI gets hacked.

When that happens, you can sleep easy knowing that your website was backed up to a remote location from where you can easily restore.

We put this in place and it’s automatic and daily and you don’t have to pay any extra money for it.

7. Live Chat

One of the biggest discovery we’ve made in recent times is that a live chat will increase your website conversions by up to 60%. No kidding!

Folks are too lazy to send an email or fill some contact form or even to pick up their phone and call you. They see a chat pop up window and they see it as their easy way to reach you. Ping! They are using it before you know it.

Guess what? It’s included in our website design package!

8. Clear and Straightforward Pricing

Face it, aren’t you fed up with those “Request for Quote” stuff? And even when you request for the so-called web design quote, it takes forever for them to get back to you.

Say goodbye to that. With us, you’ll clearly see our pricing and the features under each pricing package. No hassle, no fuss.

If you think it’s fair, you hire us. If not, well, you look elsewhere. It’s that simple.

Granted, each web design project is different and it’s difficult to give a flat price to all projects. But it’s just that – difficult – not impossible.

9. Cool, Modern Design

Hey, just check out the website we’ve designed for our clients and you will see that the difference is clear. Every single website we design is modern.

10. Superfast Loading Speed

Unlike others, we take the time to optimize critical infrastructures so that your website can run on jet speed. We implement best practices that make this possible.

11. Customized Design

The website we will design for you will have your own brand colours. And in case you have a corporate font, you’ll get that too.

12. Free Content Write-Up

The content of your website is the words, texts, images, and videos on your website.

As far as that is concerned. We will write them for you free – just give us some basic information and we are good to go. We will even proofread it for you!

13. Free Social Media Covers Design

Because we’re driven by the mission to make you look good so that people can do business with you, we go out of our way to design for you social media covers for Facebook, Twitter, and GMB pages.

Did we mention that they are free, too?

14. Free Professional Logo Design

Part of our website design deal is a professional logo. If you don’t have a logo yet for your organization, well, today is your lucky day, because we will design for you. And if you have one already, we will brush it up to make you look good.

15. Free Corporate Profile Design

Don’t you want a corporate profile to send to your clients and to upload online to market you? Of course, you do.

We will help you design one. You can even request to see the lovely and professional corporate profile we designed as a bonus to our past clients.

16. Free Documentation

Want to administer the website your site? Maybe you want to be making your blog posts yourself?

Don’t fret, we will create a step-by-step guide you absolutely free.

17. Free 1-Year Support

Unlike other website designers, we will not leave you high and dry after we deliver your website. We will be there to support and fix anything that comes up.

18. Premium Images

All the images we will use on your website will be premium images – duly paid for. And free from copyright infringements.

The last thing you want is legal troubles because of some images.

19. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to make sure that when people search for anything related to your website, it will show up in the search engines such as Google.

We also have a checklist of SEO best practices we implement on every single site so that your website will show up in the search engines.

20. Premium Transactional Email

Transaction email is the email that’s automatically sent when an event takes place on your website. We are talking about events such as when a user signs up, when an admin login, when something needs updating on your website, and so on.

You want these kinds of emails to get to your inbox and your users’ inbox – not to the spam folder or not sent at all. What will make it possible is a premium transaction email gateway.

We will integrate it into your website for free.

21. Online Payment Integration

In case your organization requires this facility, we will help you integrate it. So that you can accept payments online.

22. Prompt Response

We respond within an hour for all enquiries via email (during working hours, of course). Try us!

23. Quick Turnaround time

Depending on the scope of your website project, we deliver in as little as 10 short days. Sometimes, even less!

24. Social Integration

We now live in a social media-driven world. Your website shouldn’t lack social features. You need it to engage with your fans and followers.

That said, we will integrate social shares like buttons, social logins, social streams, as you want it and as they pertain to your brand.

25. Analytics Integration

This has to do with what’s happening on your website such as where visitors to your website came from, how long they stayed, pages they visited, buttons they click, what they are interested in, and so much more.

Wouldn’t you want to know all of these? We will integrate an application into your website that tells you all of this and more.

26. Conversion Rate Optimization Implementation

When all is said and done, when people visit your website you want them to take some sort of action – sign up, email you, or call you, maybe.

We intentionally design and arrange all our clients’ websites with powerful content and features in such a way as to make people take your intended action once they get to any page of your website.

27. Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the quality of our services so much that we offer a money-back guarantee. That is, check out the work we’ve done for you. If you are not satisfied with it, you can ask for the refund of your money. We mean it!

As you can see, no web designer or company in Nigeria is anywhere near what we can offer you. So, as a popular bank in Nigeria will say, wouldn’t you rather do business with us?

Now, go back again and glance through the 22 reasons and see that we are the right web design agency to hire to design your website.